. The Company - Martini Linea Gelato

The company

40 years of experience, 264,000 sqm of quality

Martini Linea Gelato

The new Unigrà brand dedicated
to masters of Italian ice cream and artisan ice cream parlours.

Founded in 1972 by Luciano Martini, Unigrà has been operating in the business of transforming vegetable oils and fats and producing raw materials and semi-finished products for the confectionery sector for over 40 years.
Ongoing investment in production plants, technology and scientific research has allowed Unigrà to become the market leader and a benchmark for various sectors: from the industrial sector to retail and Ho.Re.Ca, and artisan patisserie.
Not only is Unigrà a multi-channel company, but it is also a multi-product company, and is therefore capable of responding to market demands with innovative solutions, and the highest levels of quality and service.

Its core business, which was initially focussed on fats and margarine, has diversified over time to include other product categories: chocolate and chocolate substitutes, plant-based UHT creams, spreadable creams, hydrated creams and mirror glazes, sugars, mixes and improvers for patisserie, bread-making and ice cream products.

Thanks to its production capacity and the expertise acquired over decades of experience, as well as its success in the food sector,
Martini Linea Gelato offers a wide and diverse range to meet
all the needs of professional ice cream makers.


Martini Linea Gelato is a Unigrà Group brand: 13 production plants in 1.



With the excellent quality of its products, Martini Linea Gelato offers innovative technological solutions and constant research into the best raw materials, in compliance with regulations and international safety standards.


ISO 9001

International standard adopted since 1998. It represents a concrete tool for managing business processes and flows.

Food safety

BRC – FSSC 22000

For Unigrà, food safety has always been a priority. This is why we have adopted standards recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative and obtained the two certificates.



Obtained with the certification body ORTHODOX UNION.



With the certification issued by the international body HIA (Halal International Authority), the company guarantees the availability of products that are suitable for Muslim consumers.


ISO 14001

The constant search for improving environmental performances characterises all our activities.



The association finances projects which aim to promote and define criteria for the conversion of tropical forest and for the protection of the identities of the local populations.

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Non-profit organisation founded in 2002, it has developed a programme for the sustainable agricultural production of cocoa and other resources.