Triumph of Hazelnut - Martini Linea Gelato


Triumph of Hazelnut

To make this recipe you will need:

White Base 2,000 kg
Diamante Hazelnut Robusta 0,200 kg
Cremoso+ 0,030 kg
Ground Hazelnuts q.b.
Brunella Hazelnut q.b.
TOTAL 2,230 kg


Spread a layer of Brunella Hazelnut along the bottom of a tub and place in
a blast chiller until it hardens.
Pour the White Base into a jug and add the Diamante Hazelnut Robusta and Cremoso+.
Pour the mix into the gelato machine and prepare the gelato.
After removing it, place the gelato over the layer of Brunella Hazelnut until a smooth surface is formed.
Place back into the blast chiller until it hardens.
After removing it again, cover with another layer of Brunella Hazelnut and put it back in the blast chiller until it hardens.
Add a sprinkling of ground hazelnuts.

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