“Ris e lat della nonna Esterina” - Martini Linea Gelato

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“Ris e lat della nonna Esterina”

To make this recipe you will need:

Milk 680 g
Sugar 160 g
Cream 100 g
Skimmed milk powder 30 g
Fiocco di panna 30 g
Base 1000 g
Cooked rice 150 g
Mascarpone 170 g
Honey 68 g
Sugar 15 g
TOTAL 1403 g


• Prepare the base by carefully mixing all the ingredients.
• Pasteurize.
• After washing the rice 5/6 times in abundant water, cook it for 45 minutes. Drain and wash again to eliminate excess starch.
• Cook the rice in 300 g of white pasteurized base with honey, mascarpone and sugar for 15 minutes.
• Combine with 700 g of white pasteurized base.
• Stir lightly with a whisk or mixer.
• Pour the mixture into the batch freezer, prepare the gelato and place it in the tub.

Download the recipe in PDF