New Traditional Custard - Martini Linea Gelato

Gelatario d'Autore


New Traditional Custard

To make this recipe you will need:

Milk 680 g
Sugar 160 g
Cream 100 g
Skimmed milk powder 30 g
Fiocco di Panna 30 g
Base 1000 g
Crema Antica Paste 110 g
Piuuovo 70 g
Ginger juice 100 g
Mascarpone 170 g
Ginger Variegate to taste
TOTAL 1450 g


• Prepare the base by mixing thoroughly all the ingredients.
• Pasteurize.
• Add to the base the Crema Antica paste, the mascarpone and Piuuovo.
• Clean the ginger and extract the juice of two roots with the juicer. Combine with the mixture.
• Stir accurately with a whisk or mixer.
• Pour the mixture into the batch freezer and prepare the gelato.
• Once the gelato is ready, put it in the tub and finish with the Ginger Variegate.

Download the recipe in PDF