Marble Ice Cream Cake (h 5 cm x Ø 18 cm) - Martini Linea Gelato


Marble Ice Cream Cake (h 5 cm x Ø 18 cm)

Superior Dark Stracciatella
Fior di Panna Ice Cream
Brunella Hazelnut
Ground Hazelnut
Chocolate topping
Cold gelatine


Place an acetate collar into a round steel mould and slowly pour the Brunella Brittle (50% Brunella Hazelnut + 50% Superior Dark Stracciatella + Ground Hazelnut Q.S.) into the base, forming a circle 1 cm deep. Put in a blast chiller for approximately 5 minutes. Half fill the mould with a layer of Fior di Panna. Insert a previously prepared circle of Brunella Hazelnut about half a centimetre deep,
with a smaller diameter than the mould. Fill the mould with Fior di Panna Ice Cream.
Place in a blast chiller until it hardens (around 30 minutes).
Marble the surface with cold gelatine and chocolate topping.
Remove the cake from the mould.

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