Café d’Elise - Martini Linea Gelato

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Café d’Elise

To make this recipe you will need:

Aymara Tutto Cioccolato Bianco 400 g
Boiling water 600 g
Base 1000 g
Coffee Paste 20 g
Anise seeds 15 g
Water 25 g
Anise seeds to taste
TOTAL 1060 g


-Add boiling water to Aymara Tutto Cioccolato Bianco and mix thoroughly.
-Boil 25 g of water and infuse the anise seeds for at least 2 hours. Filter with a sieve.
-Add the coffee paste and 25 g of anise flavored water.
-Stir accurately with a whisk or mixer.
-Pour the mixture into the batch freezer and prepare the gelato.
-Once ready, place in a tray and garnish with a light dusting of anise seeds.

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