Conquistador - Martini Linea Gelato


In the ancient time lived a traveller provided with an extraordinary gift: thanks to his finest taste and a special inclination to recognize tastes and aromatic notes, he was able to discover new flavours in every land was appr oaching, giving maximum value to al l the raw materials of the territory.

One day, with his sail boat, he landed on an uncontaminated carribean islan d that was
called Hispaniola by his successor in line.
He was immediately seduced by the deliciousness of the cocoa which was growing up on this land covered by luxuriant vegetation and share the extraordinary organoleptic properties
with the native population, that until that moment was ignoring this big treasure.

Here a particolar gelato flavour is born and it puts together the excellence of the dominican origin cocoa with the proverbial sweeteness of milk to obtain an unique and iconic taste.
All this matched with a lovely hazelnut cream enriched with crumbly wafer and crunchy hazelnut grain.


  • Santo Domingo Milk Chocolate powder base. 1.8 kg bag x 7 pieces.
  • Conquistador Cream. Delicious hazelnut cream with wafer and hazelnut grain included. 3 kg bucket x 2 pieces.


1 Santo Domingo Milk Chocolate bag + 2.5 kg of boiling water. Variegate with the
Conquistador Cream at will.