Brunelle Crok Archives - Martini Linea Gelato

For an even richer and more indulgent ice cream, Martini Linea Gelato Brunellas are enriched with chunky pieces, for an irresistible crunch. Gluten free.

Biscuits, shortbread, cereals! Even more beautiful, even more delicious!

Product Dosage Format

Brunella CROK Dark Biscuit


Dark-chocolate-flavoured cream, enriched with dark cocoa biscuit. A decadent extra-dark Brunella with irresistible crunch! Gluten free.

5 kg

Brunella CROK Speculoos


Caramel-flavoured cream, enriched with pieces of cinnamon biscuit. Bringing the famous Belgian biscuit to the ice cream parlour. Gluten free.

5 kg

Brunella CROK Cereals


Decadent, crunchy and nutritious: milk and cocoa cream, with a mix of spelt, rice and kamut.

5 kg

Brunella CROK Cocoa Cookie


This dark cream is a perfect mix of cocoa and hazelnut flavours, enriched with pieces of cocoa shortbread. For an irresistible crunch! Gluten free.

5 kg

Brunella Crok Vanilla Cookie


Hazelnut cream that is even more delicious thanks to the added chunks of vanilla biscuit.

5 kg