Aymara - Martini Linea Gelato


The Aymara tribe arrives in town!


You will have at your disposal all the ingredients for an unmissable event:

  • Professional animator, for make-up and entertainment of the little ones
  • Technician from Martini Linea Gelato for the preparation of the showcase
  • Graphic of the invitation to the party, to be used on social networks or to be printed
  • A sticker with Aymara graphics
  • 3 poster 1 m x 60 cm with Aymara graphics
  • 100 Aymara balloons, with balloon tree
  • 6 t-shirt Aymara or the staff of your gelato shop
  • Aymara frame for photos and selfies, for adults and children
  • 50 cardboard masks of the Aymara tribe, for children
  • 100 water tattoos depicting the masks of the Aymara tribe, for children
  • 100 Aymara magnets to collect

Do you want to bring the fascinating world of Aymara chocolate to your gelato shop?

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