Diamante - Martini Linea Gelato

The best-sellers of Italian ice cream: hazelnut and pistachio

The Martini Linea Gelato hazelnut and pistachio pastes are precious gems
in the world of artisan ice cream: top-quality products processed to the highest standard,
which allow ice cream makers to obtain unparalleled ice cream.

These are the two stars of the Italian ice cream parlour which, as such, must be prepared with ingredients of the highest quality. Martini Linea Gelato can offer a very wide and diverse range of hazelnut and pistachio pastes to satisfy the most demanding palates and various market and consumer requests.
This is thanks to the guarantee of excellent quality standards, careful selection
of raw materials, and maximum control over the processing, through cutting-edge technology.
The roasting of hazelnuts and pistachios, the most tricky stage of processing,
is carried out to the highest standard, and specially-tailored for each product in the range.

Exquisitely imperfect.

Martini Linea Gelato ground mixtures: raw products that do not undergo the paste refining treatment,
so they maintain even more of the flavours and aromas of the raw materials.
Martini Linea Gelato offers ice cream parlours the opportunity not only to stock hazelnut and pistachio
flavours in their classic forms, but also in a more rustic version, where the ice cream
combines perfectly with traces of toasted nuts.
This result is obtained thanks to the fact that, after the careful selection and roasting of the raw materials,
the processing of hazelnuts and pistachios is concluded with grinding in stone mills,
without passing through the stages of sifting and cleaning.
The use of ground mixtures therefore gives the ice cream a pleasant, slightly grainy texture, which brings out the scent, taste and appearance
of the hazelnuts and pistachios and turns its imperfections into its strong point.