Aymara - Martini Linea Gelato

According to legend…

It is said that some Atlanteans, who miraculously survived a disaster that destroyed their civilisation,
came into contact with a primitive population which occupied the territory of lake Titicaca.
For this small undeveloped population it seemed as though the Atlanteans were gods descended from above.
With an immense wealth of knowledge and advanced technology, the Atlanteans taught them how to make the land
fertile and to cultivate the fields, developing a new civilisation: the Aymara.

In particular, they brought the gift of seeds which gave life to a special plant from which,
with a procedure similar to a sacred ritual maintained over centuries,
a decoction with a heavenly flavour could be produced, bringing joy and serenity to the soul.
This plant, which they called yakawj, was in fact the cocoa plant.
An invaluable treasure, of which the Aymara became great cultivators.

To this day, the name Aymara is synonymous with richness, excellence and quality. Common features of the entire Aymara range: from the complete powder bases for excellent chocolate gelato, to the different variations of cocoa and coating chocolate.