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The new 2021 icon? It’s Brady!

16 marzo 2021

Brady Marshmallow is the latest novelty by Martini Linea Gelato: this kit will surely conquer children, but also parents and teenagers

Super funny and lazy as all sloths, Brady Marshmallow is ready to conquer children in gelato shops thanks to his funny personality and its bright colours! However, do not be misled: Brady pays attention to parents’ requirements and children health thanks to its short recipe, with only natural flavourings and colourings.

What is Brady Marshmallow? It is a kit to prepare a tasty marshmallow-flavoured gelato, light blue and yellow as Brady tuft of hair. In particular, the kit features a flavouring paste (1.5 kg jar) with a blue colour and a bright yellow variegate (3 kg jar). Thanks to its thick and creamy consistency, the variegate is ideal for a lot of applications: for example, you can prepare a flat blue gelato and create original yellow decorations on it with the piping bag. Paste and variegate are characterized by an intense taste of… marshmallow!

By the way, maybe not everybody knows that this sugary treat does not come from United States, but its origin dates back to the ancient Egypt, where it was prepared with the mallow root. Then, the recipe came in Europe and it became a real medicine to take care of sore throat and other pains. Only in the 19th century, in France, the use changed and the mallow became the ingredient for the preparation of tasty sweets, known as Pâte de Guimauve, our marshmallows.

With their sweetness and soft texture, marshmallows are famous for their colours that attract us from the displays of shops and fairs. Who has never eaten one in cinemas, festivals or at the campsite, by the fire? Thanks to the continuous research and the high attention for quality, Martini Linea Gelato obtained a product for gelato makers with natural colourings and flavourings, without giving up to taste and colour of the famous sweets! How?

Let’s start with the flavouring paste: the blue colour comes from spirulina, a seaweed widespread in brackish water and used as food even in ancient Rome. Maybe they did not know all properties, but today we are aware that spirulina is particularly rich in proteins, essential amino acids and lipids; it has remarkable antioxidant properties and it can protect from free radicals and from the damages they cause in our organism. That is why the most attentive (and sporty!) people know that spirulina is the base for a lot of food supplements and it is considered one of the “food of the future”.

The main ingredient of the variegate, that confer the bright yellow colour, is much more famous: we are talking about the curcumin, a vegetable pigment present in the roots of various turmeric species and used in Ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of a lot of pains thanks to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antitumor properties.

In addition to natural colourings and flavourings, Brady Marshmallow is gluten free and without emulsifiers or hydrogenated fats: an attention to children health that will satisfy also the most attentive parents.

What are you waiting for? Are you ready to transform your gelato shop into Brady’s world? Martini Linea Gelato developed different materials for your shop, as cups, flavour tags and cardboards for the counter; but also gadgets for your customers, as the collective magnets that represent Brady Marshmallow and its favourite hobbies.

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