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Gelato, liquorice as leading actor: how many uses do you know?

4 agosto 2020

Black Kiss brings in the showcase the taste and colour intensity of a plant known for thousands of years for its properties.

Maybe most of you, in particular the youngest ones, associate the name to the gummy candies that are often consumed during a movie, for example; however, not everybody knows that liquorice is actually a plant, whose scientific name, little appealing to be honest, is Glycyrrhiza glabra.

The species is not so widespread in the world, since it needs a specific weather to grow in a natural way; mainly you can find it in South-western Asia and in Mediterranean Europe, in particular in Calabria, along the Ionian coast, where one of the best varieties in the world grows: here the weather enhances the glicirrizina, the substance that gives to liquorice its intense and characteristic taste.

The pure liquorice we know comes from a particular production of plant roots, that are grounded, pressed and put together with boiling water in order to extract the juice, that will be boiled; then, as for many sweets like the candies we described before, it is possible to add aromas and other preservatives during the production process.

The liquorice plant is known for thousands of years, in particular because of its digestive, anti-inflammatory and depurative properties. Also its capacity to grow blood pressure is well know: for this reason, if liquorice is suggested for those who have low blood pressure, for hypertensive people it is better to not abuse it for long periods.

In gelato shops, liquorice flavour is traditionally made from the root powder. Martini Linea Gelato, however, has presented Black Kiss, a variegate with a black colour, thanks to 35 % of pure liquorice essence.

Black Kiss is ready to surprise your customers thanks to its aroma, its strong taste and the dark colour, that guarantees a perfect performance in your showcase. Not only: intense taste and colour makes it a versatile product, perfect to create many combinations.

Black Kiss is ideal to variegate gelato, creating recipes that remind the unique taste of the most popular candies, as liquorice toffee ( with salted butter caramel), but also combinations with mint, lemon, strawberry or even dark chocolate. Moreover, Black Kiss is perfect also as flavouring paste, to obtain a gelato that remembers Terracattù, the famous silver liquorice flakes.

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