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Centrifuged juices in tub: when taste meets superfood

20 aprile 2020

If taste more and more often means also healthy food, gelato and pastry cannot ignore this new trend

When we need to get energy, to maintain our organism efficient with antioxidant nutrients or to purify it from toxins, nature helps us with fruit, vegetables, spices and food rich in fibres. Since nowadays nutritionists and scientists recognize the metabolism and physiology benefits of these types of food, we are getting used to introduce them in our diet, driven by a greater attention to wellness and nutrition: we choose centrifuged juices or smoothies and we add spices and seeds in the most popular recipes.

If taste more and more often means also healthy food, gelato and pastry cannot ignore this new trend: for this reason, Martini Linea Gelato brings centrifuged juices in tub. The new range of bases, presented during last SIGEP, has the characteristics to be appreciated by the ones who pay attention to their diet, without missing out on taste. As centrifuged juices and smoothies, also gelato can become a functional food for the organism.

Martini Linea Gelato Centrifugati range includes Detox, whose name comes from the mix of fruit, vegetables and spices with similar properties and characteristics: to relieve our body from drosses, concentrated in liver, blood or even skin, that are the consequences of malnutrition, drug therapies, stress or environmental pollution. We talk about green apple, pineapple, fennel and ginger, which combine digestive and diuretic powers to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ones, strengthening the immune system and fighting the cell ageing.

On the other hand, Energy contains selected ingredients to give a boost of natural energy against physical weariness due to trainings, warm or emotional stress. The product is based on fruit, in particular watermelon, mango and lime that, thanks to lycopene, lupeol and vitamin A and C respectively, offer vitamins and amino acids with moisturizing, cardioprotective (they reduce cholesterol in blood) and antioxidant function. With them, there is also an aromatic plant as basil, with an anti-inflammatory and immune stimulant action.

Both are complete bases, equilibrated preparations thanks to the high attention for quality and formulation: 100% vegan, free from lactose, emulsifiers or hydrogenated fats and with natural flavourings. For this reason, Martini Linea Gelato Centrifugati are a good choice in every moment of the day, as a dessert or as a tasty and healthy break, able to feed our body in the best way. For those who want to take care of themselves, choosing healthy food, and for those who want to grant themselves a tasty sin of gluttony, without guilt!