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The Modica chocolate comes in gelato shops!

2 marzo 2020

With the new Fondente Grezzo, the Aymara range meets the Sicilian tradition

From Venzuela to Ghana, the Aymara range by Martini Linea Gelato has literally travelled around the world to find the best chocolate varieties and offer the flavours to gelato makers. After having explored different continents, we come back to Italy to bring in gelato tubs one of the most appreciated chocolates linked to the ancient Sicilian tradition.

We talk about the new Aymara Fondente Grezzo, presented during the last Sigep, and produced with “Cioccolato di Modica PGI” also known as “ciucculatta muricana” in local dialect: an ingredient with a long history, proof of the constant research and selection that Martini Linea Gelato makes, in order to offer gelato makers new opportunities for creations with unique taste and quality.

The Cioccolato di Modica PGI is characterized by a unique productive process that has its roots in the ancient Mesoamerican tradition, remaining unchanged over the centuries: it all began during the 15th century under the Spanish domination, when the Spaniards brought to Sicily the production techniques learned by the ancient Aztec.

They used simple ingredients, rawly processed and cold-worked, where the cocoa beans were roasted and ground, until they formed a mass, which was mixed with granulated sugar and heated to 35-40°. In this way, sugar crystals remained intact and gave the product its typical rough texture that makes Cioccolato di Modica PGI famous around the world, together with its intense and unique taste.

In full respect of the tradition, Martini Linea Gelato buys this precious chocolate directly in the place of origin, in partnership with small local producers, in order to create Aymara Fondente Grezzo, the new kit to prepare a gelato with Modica chocolate: a complete powder base, already balanced, to be mixed with water, and a Stracciatella variegate with Modica chocolate inclusion.

Mixing them in the preparation, the result is a dark chocolate flavour with a unique and intense taste, where the gelato creaminess matches perfectly with the crunchy Modica chocolate.

This new and precious product enriches the Aymara range and confirms Martini Linea Gelato as a reference point in chocolate world, in all facets of taste, colour and structure.

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