In Sigep a lot of new products for gelato and pastry - Martini Linea Gelato


Sigep in Rimini: Martini Linea Gelato is ready to surprise

7 gennaio 2020

A lot of new products to conquer everybody’s taste!

A lot of new Martini Linea Gelato products for gelato and pastry will be presented during the International Trade Show in Rimini, from January 18th to 22 th.

During one of the main shows of the industry, the company will present new products with a strong personality and an irresistible taste that will conquer everybody, not only greedy customers but also the most demanding and health-conscious ones.

Be ready to taste a variegate with a strong flavour and a black look, in addition to two timeless pastry classics, in gelato version. However, Sigep will be also the occasion to taste a new line dedicated to the ones who follow a healthy and balanced diet. Thanks to two different mixes of fruit, vegetables and spices, gelato will become the favourite break of customers careful to functional foods.

The Aymara family grows with a new kit inspired to Sicilian tradition, for a gelato with a crumbly texture and an unmistakable taste. The new Selezione Prestige line widens its offer with many new pastes and variegates, all characterized by rich recipes and excellent quality. New premium references also for the Brunelle line, for the Diamante Pistachio line and among powder bases range, the heart of gelato preparation.

…but there are a lot of other new Martini Linea Gelato products! We wait for you at booth 066, Pavilion A5 to discover them, with many recipes and materials for gelato and pastry.