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Gastronomic gelato, salted recipes for everyone


5th August 2019

No more a fad, but a real consumption trend

From spices to olive oil, from vegetables to cheese: gastronomic gelato has no borders. In the last years, experiments to prepare new tastes and combinations are more and more frequent, characterized by the use of ingredients from the traditional cuisine, especially the salted ones.

Actually, it is not a revolution, but a return to basics. Indeed, history shows us that in ancient times, gelato (as a way to consume food with ice or stored in it) was equally sweet and salted.

Nowadays, for our gelato makers, gastronomic gelato represents an incredible opportunity to increase their offer in the window, to show their ability and creativity and to give value to excellent Italian products as regional ingredients or PDO and PGI products ( for example Parmigiano Reggiano or the basil from Genoa) that are always very appreciated also by foreign people. Anyway, preparing a good salted gelato is not easy: the prowess depends on the balance among ingredients, salt and sugar that must be skilfully dosed in order to not cover the original tastes of each element.

At first sight, you can think that gastronomic gelato is linked only to the world of haute cuisine.

However, even gelato shops are more and more interested in new trends and to the combination of savoury and sweet flavours. It is proved by the success of tastes as salted butter caramel or extradark chocolate with salt. In addition to these flavours, nowadays, in gelato shops it is possible to taste gelato prepared with vegatables (carrots, celery, pumpkin), aromatic herbs as basil, cheeses as robiola, but also flowers. The important thing is the quality of raw materials used, that have to be enhanced in the recipe.

Also the newest consumption trends lead often to new creative recipes and ideas. Indeed, the more frequent use of vegetables, superfoods and detox ingredients (as ginger or turmeric) goes in the direction of a healthy and perfectly balanced diet, where ingredients are selected and matched because of their beneficial properties. In this way, gelato, that has always been considered as a tasty break, becomes a functional food for your body.

That is why Martini Linea Gelato pays attention to the last trends and requests in the gelato world: the partnership with Massimiliano Scotti, elected best European Gelato Master, has led to our Gelatario d’Autore where gelato makers can find many recipes to prepare creative flavours with Martini Linea Gelato products.

For example, you can find recipes as Robiola and Beetroot, Detox and Refreshing that follow the healthy trend, but also gastronomic gelato as BBQ Dark Chocolate, where our Aymara Tutto Fondente base is mixed even with… crispy bacon!

Many ideas to surprise your customers… and their taste!

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