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Recipes for gelato, the ideas of Massimiliano Scotti


21 maggio 2019

The “Gelatario d’Autore” comes out, between tradition and innovation

Would you like to amaze your customers with creative gelato recipes, that can also be appreciated by tradition lovers?

A huge help comes from Massimiliano Scotti, best European gelato master and famous professional and entrepreneur in the gelato industry. He praises participations on the Italian RaiDue tv show “Detto Fatto” and many collaborations, as the one with the Air Italy airline, that has chosen one of his recipes to be served on board, and PuntoIT, the main magazine in the gelato sector.

After the success obtained during the cooking show at Sigep 2019, the partnership with Martini Linea Gelato continues with a big new, the “Gelatario d’Autore”: a collection of gelato recipes where Martini Linea Gelato products meet the creativity of Massimiliano, a perfect mix that will be able to amaze and differentiate the offer of your gelato shops.

An honourable mention for “Ris e lat della nonna Esterina” recipe, reinterpreted using our base Fiocco di Panna: a recipe based on simple ingredients as rice, milk and honey that recalls his land of origin and the snack his grandmother used to prepare when he was a little child. Thanks to this recipe, in 2017, Gelato Festival elected Massimiliano Best European Gelato Master.

The recipe book provides ideas and suggestions to give value to Martini Linea Gelato products in an original way, with modern and innovative combinations: reworked recipes of our tradition, vegan offers and unexpected ingredients, as beetroot or pepper.

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