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The Brunelle change the look for your gelato counter


11 marzo 2019

New packaging and new materials for your shop

Do you want to garnish your gelato on the spot with a tasty cream and enrich your gelato counter at the same time? To make this possible, thanks to the Martini Linea Gelato experience, a new packaging and new materials for your shop were designed specifically for the Brunelle range, responding to the needs of gelato makers and professionals in the sector.

Now, a practical dispenser is available to be set directly on the new bucket, which can be displayed on the counter and makes it possible to pour the Brunella directly on gelato, while the customer looks at you foretasting the quality of your preparation.

An even more elegant solution is the three-jar display, each of them equipped with a dispenser and with a capacity of about 1 litre, in order to offer more choices of flavours to garnish gelato.

The Brunelle cream range includes 11 flavours: from the classic, like gianduja and dark chocolate, to the fruit flavours, up to the most delicious flavours like pistachio or caramel! So, nobody will be dissatisfied!

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